​​In recent years Countertrade has extended beyond just acquiring goods or services.  Companies may be in need of related infrastructure development.  Projects might include hotel expansion, vacancies, capital equipment, machinery, new schools, hospitals, power plants and new technical systems. In addition to building project facilities, the company may require fixtures, supplies and equipment

Alliance has an experienced management team with a strong track record of success and is well positioned to help you improve trade flows more efficiently. Whether your goal for expanding your business; enhance your balance sheet; the key to our success is assisting companies to gain more control over trade flows.

Including the added option of our expertise to work with your accounting and legal advisors to set up and manage an international Business Company IBC from our offices in Zurich Switzerland, Nassau Bahamas and other tax-benevolent jurisdictions around the globe. Open a new account and receive a $500.00 Trade Deposit Certificate. Here

As a third party intermediary, Alliance provides structures of trading coupled with the expertise to reduce many of the complexities and downside risks. Alliance also offers resources to underwrite the capital needs at zero percent interest in exchange for a share of the income. Here

Practical Countertrade Solutions gives stability regardless of the condition of the general economy.

and significance  

Countertrade can be a simple exchange of an asset for another asset of equal fair value. It also can minimize the risk of price movements or foreign currency-exchange-rate fluctuations. Because both sides of a countertrade deal in real goods, not financial instruments, countertrade can solve the inflation risk involved in foreign currency procurement. In effect, countertrade can be a better mechanism than financial instruments as a way to hedge against inflation or currency fluctuations.





   The solution to lack of Trade Credit!

 Is countertrade complicated?

Alliance, Countertrade agreements apply to "Assets" that meet all of the criteria for secured borrowing: The asset purchased at settlement is identical in value to, or substantially the same as the asset transferred.

financial stability

The competitive advantage of countertrade

Alliance serves as a third-party intermediary, provides sellers buyback assurance and capital resources to minimize currency restrictions, which adds stability to, corporate structuring – downsizing - rapidly changing industries - periodic recessions.

Many companies have sufficient assets but do not know how to utilize their value. Most every company has some natural as well as human assets, yet are commonly overlooked or underutilized.  The most often question is how to utilize unprofitable holdings to a sufficient income.

Alliance Countertrade solutions help you unlock funds trapped in unproductive production, inventory or receivables to keep your business moving forward.

Companies that need to expand into import-export face many obstacles as a result of currency shortage or lack of commercial credit, regulations imposed by Government trading foreign currency requirements or ignored and under-serviced by traditional bank and financial services companies. 

  • Alliance Countertrade structures provides the means that enable companies to pay for imports, export, domestic or anything of economic value, to convert idle non-performing liabilities to income producing assets and sidestep many currency requirements. 

Added to this is a full range of alternative capital options designed to; Stop spending your hard earned cash for all the things that help your company manage incoming money more efficiently and things that help your family enjoy the pleasures that comes with hard work.

Companies that consider Countertrade typically want to expand into new markets to increase sales, build new customer and supplier relationships and to overcome liquidity challenges. Countertrade is also a resourceful way for exporters and others to sell their products and services to domestic and foreign companies or countries that would be unable to pay for them using hard currency alone. Countertrade minimizes requirements mandated by governments in specific industries.

Developing countries and companies alike are employing alternative ways to finance purchases of goods, construction projects and hotel conferences with Countertrade. Classic examples include Italy trading coffee and olive oil for Canadian lumber and Pepsi Cola trading with Russia for Vodka to supply U.S. military ships.