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trade deposit  (TDR) Income earning asset

Trade Depository Receipts (TDR) is a proprietary negotiable receipt that represents the ownership of assets within a given Countertrade agreement initiated by Alliance as a lead partner. 

Designed for the active merchant investor to bespoke custom goods and services goods directly from selected Manufacturers with the capacity to produce products over and above domestic output and do not have the financial resources to undertake and establish distributorships from far-flung locations.

Alliance buys all or a portion of a manufacturers production on behalf of it its clients on its account using with no middlemen, agents, distributors, importers, or wholesalers of any kind. We determine a suitable Countertrade agreement that fulfills the seller's goals, and objectives invite investors partners and others to participate. 

When a qualified buyer is selected we establish a Trade Depository Receipt (TDR) for all or a portion of the goods within the underlying Countertrade Agreement.

Trade Depository Receipts (TDR's;) designed for clients leveraging their original resource value to gain buying power.


TDR's; Created with an income; generated from the sale of assets from activities with  Governments, Fortune 500 as well as smaller proven companies.

  • TDRs secured by goods,  services and other assets of economic value.  
  • No hidden costs 
  • Tax benevolent income​
  • Redemption and buy-back guarantee.

TDRs. Have consistently outperformed traditional physical commodities or fixed income products such as T-Bills, GICs, and Fixed Income Mutual Funds.

Trade Deposit Receipts T.D.R. is a straight forward process;

To participate in a TDR, you must deposit a minimum investment of Five Thousand Dollars, and the balance payable upon notice of shipping. Use your One Thousand Dollar ($1000.00) Bonus incentive as part payment.

Typical Countertrade Agreements are, initiated at $50K and up. Anticipated return 8 to 45 percent and more with the option to resell and receive an agreed share of profit, are issued for a term of 3-6-9- 12-months, secured by an underlying holding within a specific Agreement. 

The TDR contains the option at any time by giving a 30-day notice to take delivery or to resell all or part to another buyer or convert the value of the asset to a Shared Income Account (SIA) with a set return of 8 to 12 percent deposited directly to a bank account of your choice.


TDR, administered, much like a Commercial Bank or a Brokerage firm does for stocks, bonds, and other securities.

  • Simple easy to understand statements each month clearly showing your TDRs performance.
  • Whether you take delivery of the goods directly to your desired address or resell and receive a share of profit. 

In either situation, investors are assured of fully secured, better than average returns,  which will simplify investment, remove stress and garner higher income returns.

    To modify your level of risk; we make sure companies we invest in companies are, (A) Well established with   

   [B] positive cash flow. [C] investment meets all economic valuations. [D] The option of Cash redemption*.